What is it?

Dapper Academy is an initiative by the award-winning Dapper Apps, seeking to launch more educated, equipped and validated startups into successful businesses.

Do you have a fantastic mobile app idea, but unsure what to do next? The biggest mistake a startup can make is going from idea immediately into development. It’s all about validate, validate, validate and this is exactly what this coaching program does. We focus on not can you build it, but should you build it?

We know the feeling of excitement all too well, when you’re pumped about a new idea and just want to get it built – yesterday! However, case after case, we have learnt that while being quick to market can be advantageous, the best businesses do their homework first.

Join us on an entrepreneurial journey and learn the ins and outs of starting your business from the ground up, the right way. Arm yourself with the right methods and information, before you invest your hard earned money.

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Who’s it for?

The Dapper Academy program is available to anyone with an app idea who wishes to progress it to the next stage. Find out if there really is a market for your product and if you’re solving a real problem.



During the first workshop you will work with your coach to complete a ‘lean canvas’ business plan and identify the key risks and assumptions. At the end of the session you will have a much clearer picture of who your customers are, what assumptions you need to test and what to do next.Duration: 3-4 hours plus ongoing email and phone support from your coach.


By this stage you would have spoken to some real customers and gained valuable insight. This might have confirmed your idea or provided you with something completely unexpected. Either outcome is fine as it means you have learnt more about who your customers are and what problem they want solved. Your coach will work through the feedback you have received to assess your progress and plan the next stage.Duration: 1-2 hours plus ongoing email and phone support from your coach.


This is where you get to test your business at scale. You will work with your coach and a growth marketing specialist to plan and launch an online campaign to test your idea in different markets, different customers and different marketing messages. Being an online business allows you to test whether you can find customers in Perth, London or New York quickly.

Duration: 2 hours plus ongoing email and phone support from your coach and Growth Marketing specialist.


Congratulations, by this point you will either be ready to make the step to building your app business or thankful that you haven’t spent 6 months and $50,000 building an app that no one wants. You would have learnt some valuable skills that you can apply to future business ideas and no longer have to wonder “what if”.

If your customers are telling you that they want your product then Dapper will continue to work with you to scope, design and build your product.

Duration: 2 hours.

What do you get?

      • One-on-one startup coaching
      • A 2.5 hr workshop with an experienced startup coach
      • 3 x follow up meetings with your coach
      • 1 of the 4 sessions includes time with a marketing expert, who will set up an online campaign
      • $500 worth of advertising spend
      • Final review of idea with recommendations on next steps
      • Skills that are transferable to any new startup idea you have
      • Access to Dapper’s in-depth knowledge in building businesses through technology


Why work with Dapper and our team of specialists?

There are numerous factors that will contribute to whether or not your business will be successful so we can’t guarantee that anything will work. However you can be sure to walk away with more confidence, a clear direction and a deeper understanding of your customers prior to starting any design or development.

The team at Dapper Apps and the startup coaches all live and breathe technology on a daily basis. With experience launching a multitude of successful tech startups from an array of industries, you can have absolute confidence in the training you’ll receive.

Dapper also has links to a network of service providers and investors that can potentially assist you in getting your product where it needs to be.

Upon completion of your startup coaching, Dapper Apps will continue to work with you, assist you on your journey and can be the tech partners you need to develop and launch your app if and when you choose to.

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Start Building Your App

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