Everyone likes to have fun, and if we had our way, most of us would like to be cool too. Well, we can’t help much with the latter, but we can help you to become a Rock Startup™.

When you’re a struggling entrepreneur, out of the box thinking gets you branded as crazy. But if you’re a budding rock startup, it just means you’re an eccentric genius; apparently it only costs a billion dollars to cure crazy. So what can you do?

The List:

  • Ditch the 9-5 – In the old days, anti-authority, class ditching classmates dreamt about becoming rockstars. Nowadays, it’s the geeks who dream big, fantasizing about becoming a rockstartup and earning living on their own schedule.


  • Work from a Café – Fresh brewed java is the new crude oil. And with prices spiking, it may not be long before coffee shops charge for tables by the hour. Until then, skip the office grind and plan your next corporate takeover under the intoxicating aroma of a fresh cuppa Joe.


  • Wear Jeans to Work – Oh what the hay; wear your jammies too if it suits your fancy. Who’s gonna dare question you? You’re the boss!


  • Mandate Foosball as “Team Building” – Be it school or the office, we’ve all been to those cringe worthy “team building” meetings where some lackey drones on and on about how there’s no “I” in team; nor is there any fun, nor imagination, nor a blunt object to bludgeon yourself with. By contrast, an on office foosball tournament sounds like a fun way to tell people they’ll be doing more for less and still have them feel good about working for you.


  • Consult the Magic 8 Ball – Why? Because you can. How else are you supposed to decide if that corporate merger is a good move? “Reply hazy, try again.”


  • Go Green to an Annoying Degree – the only thing more annoying than a stingy billionaire, is not being one yourself. So live off the grid, collect rain water, drive electric, and power that mansion with solar panels and wind turbines. Make Ed Bagley Jr. look like a wannabe and live in the lap of luxury after armageddon hits.


  • Float Your Office On a Barge – Why not? Google did it, and people still don’t quite know why; but they’re Google, and they don’t need to explain themselves. Just be patient if you send your assistant to the car to retrieve something for you. Row, row, row your boat….


  • Mandate Naps – Studies have shown that a 15 minute siesta during the day actually increases productivity and reduces stress. Be a forward thinking rockstartup, not your father’s office.


  • Re-brand Casual Friday – Spread the wealth and let your employees wear the hoodies to work. Isn’t it time to destigmatize this misunderstood article of clothing? It’s not just for muggers and thugs.


  • Value Your Staff – Prove you’re a true out of the box thinker and reward those who help build and maintain your empire with fair wages, generous benefits, and a workplace worth envying. In turn, your employees will reward you with undying loyalty and stellar performance. Not so complicated, is it?


What’s your billion dollar app idea? Reach out to Dapper Apps and maybe we can help you make it a reality.

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