An International Team

Dapper Apps is an Australian owned and operated company. We are blessed with many wonderful capable people in our teams, and a full stable of regular clients who work with us constantly on their expanding products or next great idea. We are growing fast in our market and constantly expanding our teams in our offices in Perth, Australia and Lahore, Pakistan.

The majority of our clients are in Australia, and it makes sense that our Perth office is home to most of our sales, marketing and account management teams. We have our designers in Perth too, and a small but highly capable development capacity. Perth has flourishing service and technical industries, and we are able to draw upon both to find extremely talented staff.

The office in Pakistan is fully owned and operated by Dapper Apps Australia. Our Pakistan team offers primarily development and QA. We have development and HR managers in the Lahore office and a well structured and disciplined team. We are very fortunate indeed that the Australian dollar goes much further in Pakistan, and we are able to afford far more developers of a high calibre than we could in Australia, and we are able to pass these savings onto our clients.  We don’t often hire juniors, we like more experienced senior developers, and those juniors we hire are always top of their university. Many of our team boast post graduate and other higher qualifications, all are well educated, highly trained, fluent in English, and superb at their jobs.

Our Perth and Lahore offices are in constant communication all day, every day. We are very much like an international family; we know when someone is sick, or when their children are, when someone is getting married or has a birthday. The team is genuinely close and united, and it is great to see. We’d like to introduce you to our people on your project and you will have frequent interaction with them.

Please note, if for any reason your project requires local staff only, we will be happy to discuss and accommodate.

Check out a few of the pics to see our wonderful team in Pakistan.

Enough about us! Let’s talk about you and your project. If you’re ready, then let’s get started. If you’d like to read more about building an app business, then we recommend you start with advertising and marketing.

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