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It has only been a handful of months since we first opened our doors as Dapper Apps in June. In such a short time, it is hard to believe how many wonderful clients we’ve been lucky enough to work with and we are so proud of the apps and websites we’ve produced. We wanted to make sure that we’re not just proud, biased parents and put some of our apps to the test by entering them into the Australian App Design Awards 2015.

Up against some major heavyweights, such as Stan, RealEstate.com.au, Dulux, Channel 7, Telstra and others, we knew it would be a David and Goliath style battle for a mid-sized app agency hailing from Perth. However, we submitted 6 apps into the competition and were absolutely thrilled for all 6 of them to take out Silver App Design Awards last week.

Meet the award-winners below:


Category: EdTech

Entry: Friendly Phonics iPad app (Dawn Matthews)

Friendly Phonics is an amalgamation of all the skills, knowledge and talent by our ongoing client, Dawn Matthews. As a dyslexic, artist and educationalist, she wanted to teach others (particularly those who have struggled with mainstream education) how to learn to read and write.

This has all been done in a fun, engaging way, using Dawn’s own artwork and is suitable for all ages, learning styles and cultures.

The app is free to try out and offers in-app purchases.

It is now a multi-award winner, having also won an award through Business News in 2015. There is also a second app in the series already released, Friendly Phonics 2: Digraph Sounds.

We are currently working on the third, so lookout for it’s release in the coming months.


Category: Business Operations

Entry: PM Pro – Property Management app

PM Pro is a brilliant tool for property managers in the real estate industry. The tablet app helps real estate companies improve their efficiency and streamline reporting processes.

A core element for every property manager is to conduct initial, routine and final property inspections, taking photos and reporting on the condition of items around the home.

The app makes this process as simple as possible and has proven to reduce the time spent on reporting by 50%.

Created by Mark Kelly from Professionals Real Estate, the app is a must-have for forward-thinking real estate companies.

Professionals The Kelly Team have taken out the Innovation Award at the REIWA Awards for Excellence in 2015.


Category: Home & Living

Entry: Richgro Garden iOS & Android, smartphone & tablet apps

Richgro’s fabulous marketing team had a concept on how they wanted to engage their loyal consumers, attract new ones and wanted retail staff to have Richgro product knowledge on hand at all times.

The result of careful planning and consideration was the wonderful Richgro Garden app available on iOS and Android, on both phone and tablet. The app is free to download and is packed full of amazing features. Some examples are:

How to grow – gives you all the advice you need to be a gardening pro!

Problem solver – get rid of pesky weeds, insects or plant diseases!

How much do I need – have a big backyard and have no idea how much soil you need? Lawn feed perhaps? Use the product calculator to find out and add the result to your shopping list with one tap.

Our products/Find a retailer – search for the product you’re looking for and learn exactly where you can get it.

Alerts – set watering alerts or other gardening reminders to ensure your garden stays in tip-top shape!



Category: Government Services

Entry: The Juniper Collection (WA State Library)

Dapper was commissioned by the WA State Library to immortalise the work of the late and great Australian artist, Robert Juniper.

Holding deep cultural meaning and influence, the app beautifully displays the paintings of the celebrated artist. The Juniper Collection takes users on a wonderful journey of a young boy who discovers a magic stone and is transported into the Dreamtime.

Juniper’s work is a cultural icon in Western Australia and the app allows people to view it and appreciate it from all corners of the globe.

Available as a free download on iPad and Android tablets, do yourself a favour and check out this stunning piece.



Category: Government Services

Entry: Disaster Aware, iOS, Android & Windows apps (City of Cockburn)

With a very clever approach to disaster awareness and emergency planning, the City of Cockburn created a platform to help residents prepare for high-risk situations. City of Cockburn carry out disaster resilience workshops, but creating the app meant they can provide tools and information to residents at all times.

The app allows users to input emergency contacts, watch information videos, or learn how to create an inexpensive survival kit at home.

Users receive alerts to notify them of any danger their home or family may be in and they can then utilise their custom emergency plan created using the app.

Another free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play, residents in the area are encouraged to download this handy, informational and potentially life-saving app.


Category: Business Tools

Entry: Scancam Smart Fuel Security

The guys at Scancam are not at all new to winning awards, having taken out almost every title you can imagine, including Innovator of the Year and the Business News Rising Stars award amongst many others.

These awards are well-deserved, as the Scancam concept is so unique and is receiving huge success in the marketplace.

The Scancam iPad app works with advanced visual technology to prevent fuel theft at petrol retailers.

Cameras detect license plates and alerts the attendant if the motorist should prepay or is a known offender. One of the most valuable aspects of the app is the ability to report on a drive-off with a few simple, clear steps, sending the report and video footage to relevant parties.

A big congratulations and sincere thanks to our awesome clients! We’re stoked to officially call Dapper Apps an award-winning agency and are looking forward to entering more competitions in the future.

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