There’s a slew of racing apps out there just itching for you to pound that accelerator, burn fumes and launch into warp drive in a blur of pixels. If racing is your bag, then you’re in luck, because there’s some really first-rate apps out there with virtual G’s that hit so hard you’ll leave a dent in your comfy chair! 

Whether in real life you drive a Ferrari or your mobility scooter that barely crawls through a grocery store; everyone’s on a level playing field here. So, strap in, goggle up, and get ready to ride. There’s asphalt to rip, rubber to burn and races to be won. Here’s how the best measure up: 


Need For Speed No Limits

What’s cool about Need For Speed No Limits is the nonstop action. Truth be told, it’s just a retread of countless racing games that have come before.  

The crown jewel here, are the graphics and illusions of speed. The app does a great job of making you feel like you’re white knuckling it all the way to the finish line and the controls are innovative too. 

There’s often an anti-establishment element to games like this, which manifests here in the form of a mini game that has you bashing through as many cop barricades as possible before your luck runs out. Okay, so there’s no basis in reality here, but the play is a good time, all without needing to knock up a liquor store and get a tat to earn your street cred! 

iOS | Android


Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is one of the coolest racing games to hit the app world off late, and it ain’t called airborne for nothing.  

The name of the game here is speed, adrenaline, crazy jumps and nearly 100 smokin’ hot rides to take out for a spin.  And with officially licensed cars like Lamborghini, Bugatti and Ferrari, your inner rich kid will love it. 

The graphics are killer, with soaking wet pavements after a downpour that catches the light and shines like black ice, while leaving plumes of wet mist behind as you eat the road and leave it for dead. There’s over a dozen exotic settings, including, Venice, Iceland, France and the good ol’ Nevada desert. With multi player mode, ghost challenges, shortcuts waiting to be discovered, and a thumping soundtrack, this game is pure sensory overload.  

iOS | Android



Is racing on 4 wheels too passé for you? Then give it a whirl on 2, and see how you fare against the best of the best. SBK15 boasts the most realistic super-bike racing app. 

Race all the bikes you’ll never afford in real life, like, Aprilia, Ducati, MV Agusta, and BMW. You can race against real life superstars like Tom Sykes and Sylvain Guintoli, and kick it against live online players in this full tilt, speed demon thrill ride.   

Test your skills in 3 different high-octane racing modes: Time Attack, Quick Race, or Championship. This officially licensed game features 14 FIM Superbike World Championship circuit tracks that have been meticulously recreated for accuracy and realism. This one’s an adrenaline junkie’s dream.

iOS | Android  


Fast & Furious Legacy

Tokyo, L.A., Miami, Rio; race all the locations from this hugely popular movie franchise and compete against enemies like DK, Braga, and Verone.  

Play in story mode with beloved movie characters like Tej, Roman and Letty. Grind gears in various racing modes, like drag, drift, street, getaway and take down. Burn rubber and rip asphalt in challenges inspired by all 8 of these iconic films.   

What Fast & Furious Legacy does better than any other, is offer eye candy graphics and movie quality cinematography, with glistening paint jobs, wet asphalt and stunning lighting effects. Pimp your ride, and enhance your engine to make your competition eat dust in the wake of your greatness.  

 iOS | Android


Riptide GP2

This is an action packed racer with a futuristic slant that keeps things exciting and intriguing.  

This sequel builds upon the original to deliver futuristic aquatic tracks, over 20 killer X-Games style stunts to learn and pull off, and live multi-player mode that pits your skills against worldwide opponents in head to head matchups.  

The graphics are truly killer, with outstanding physics and fluid animation that features realistic waves and buoyant gravity. Imagine jet skis on steroids, with a rocket fueled missile strapped between your legs. Hang on for dear life and hope you cross the finish line intact. The tilt and touch controls add to the adrenaline junkie style fun.  This game is intensely entertaining.   

 iOS | Android


Red Bull Air Race

Inspired by the real life Red Bull Air Race World Championships, this app puts you into the pilot’s seat where you can try and win the Virtual World Championships.  

Compete in over 200 tournaments on 3 different continents, flying 8 different international courses inspired by this real-life aeronautics competition. Go head to head against virtual online pilots, fly the coolest planes and upgrade them in the garage. 

The graphics are excellent and the controls are simple yet versatile. Fly between pylons, do loop de loops and barrel rolls, and finish each heat with a qualifying time to advance. The overall tournament winner will be invited to take the podium in Las Vegas alongside Red Bull Air Race pilots. Nice! 

iOS | Android 


CarX Drift Racing

Drift racing is pretty cool. Basically, it means you’re skidding through every turn and leaving a clouded plume of burnt rubber in your wake.  

There’s loads of cars to unlock, buy and try, including ridiculously large big rigs. You can also trick out your car, nothing says nerd better than spending more on an imaginary ride while you’re stuck taking the bus in real life! 

The controls are where the magic happen, placing a gas pedal on the lower right, a brake on the lower left and a handbrake just above that. The trick is knowing how to use all 3 in tandem to skid with accuracy, while still maintaining forward momentum. Yup, you can even go round and round, burning donuts into the asphalt, or grass, or dirt, or whatever track you decide to tear apart.  

 iOS | Android 


Nitro Nation

This is another drag racing game with super cool cars and candy coated paint jobs that glisten under streetlights. There’s loads of brand name cars to buy and try, but unlike other games that start you off with a lame hatchback, Nitro offers up a chic Alfa Romeo. 

You punch the accelerator with ferocity and take off in a cloud of burnt rubber. As you’re barreling down the straightaways, be sure to check out the beautiful metropolitan skylines, because they deserve to be admired. Precision and accuracy counts, and that’s where this game is won and lost. This game’s so slick that it can make almost anyone feel like Joe Cool, well, at least until mommy calls out that dinner’s ready, and you’re snapped back to reality! 

iOS | Android

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