We’re in for a spooky Saturday this weekend, so we thought it would be fun to check out a few apps that you may find useful for Halloween. From spooky selfies, to tracking your little trick-or-treaters, we’ve provided a few notes on some of the most fun or frightening options!


For anyone who wished they were Bella on Twilight, this is for you. Take a selfie and turn yourself into a ghoulish but glamorous vampire! Fang-tastic! If hairy is more your thing, then you should check out Wolfify or if you’re a fan of the undead-look, have a go at Zombify. Available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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Track & Treat

Not everyone’s into trick-or-treating, and it’s fair to say that most little goblins, witches or minions tend to have a guardian accompanying them. However if the kids are a little older but you still want to keep a watchful eye on their candy-collecting journey, download the Track & Treat app. The name is fairly self-explanatory and the app is pretty simple to use. The trick or treaters enter their name, the person tracking them (with a phone number) and the tracker receives a link. The link brings up a cute ghost over a map and accurately pins their location (we tested it).


Ghost Lens

Ghost Lens is a fun way to make it look like you have a Dopplegänge-ghost or a spooky spirit hanging around you. The app is available on iPhone and also support the Apple Watch. The app essentially layers multiple photos and then you can adjust the transparency of them to make it look like a ghost! Get creative and see what scary things you can come up with!



Camera Hoax

Possibly the scariest app we’ve seen, Camera Hoax basically photobombs your pictures with terrifying creatures. If you’ve ever seen a scary movie, and scared yourself silly when you think there’s a body behind a doorway or a face in a mirror looking back at you – you can now make that a reality and add them to your own pictures! Don’t make too many though, otherwise you won’t sleep too well at night!




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