We’ve always been curious to know which dream you’d be better chasing. Do rock stars or entrepreneurs earn more money?

At some point, most little kids have daydreamed about growing up to be a rich and famous rock star; being the epicenter of sold out stadiums, thousands of fans chanting your name, earning excessive amounts of cash for overpriced t-shirts, and living in the lap of luxury.

Nowadays, fans chant the names of Jeff Bezos, Evan Spiegel, or even Nathan Blecharczyk. Okay, okay, nobody can actually pronounce that and we might not really know their names. However we do know the name of their brilliant tech businesses. No doubt you’ve heard of Amazon, Snapchat and AirBnB. Geek has become the new Rock Star and we like to call them, Rock Startups™.

Amazon's Proposed Seattle Office Biosphere

Once upon a time, the likes of Tommy Lee would’ve beat the crap out of a freckly-faced Mark Zuckerberg and stuffed him into a locker. Nowadays, those same bullies would get a public shaming via cell phone video posted to YouTube. Yup, it’s a totally different world, and rock stars are feeling the pinch as much as the next guy.

Gone are the days when growing up to be rich and famous was synonymous with becoming a rock star. Au contraire, album sales have slumped to a shell of their former glory, and musicians are struggling to maintain the extravagant lifestyle they once enjoyed.

By contrast, the classmates who adolescent rock stars used to copy from on exam day are now ruling the world with lucrative apps and tech innovations that run the world. And like every self-respecting nerd knows, numbers don’t lie. Check out these 2 competing top ten lists for some eye opening stats:

Top 10 Earning Rock Stars vs. Top 10 Earning Tech Entrepreneurs

Rock Star and Entrepreneur Comparison Table

Yup, you read that right. The entrepreneur’s wealth is measured in billions, while their rock star counterparts are earning mere millions (who are we kidding, it would be great to be on either list). Sure, rock stars rarely sit behind a desk or attend a board meeting, but their wallets are notably lighter.

The Forbes Tech Rich list paints an even starker picture:

Paul McCartney
• Paul McCartney, at an age to rival your gramps, is still one of the most successful performers of all time. He’s sold over 100 million albums and is worth $1.2b, yet Mark Zuckerberg at age 31, created Facebook in his spare time and is worth $49.5b, and counting.

Uber's Garrett Camp

• Madonna, Jay-Z, Bono, Coldplay, Eddie Vedder and Van Morrison combined are worth 40% of Uber’s cofounder, Garret Camp. Ouch. On the upside, they can all save some coin by carpooling in the same tour bus.

What’s your billion dollar idea?
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