Life is precious and fleeting, yet we all seem to have plenty of minutes to burn. Here’s a collection of apps designed to help you frivolously bleed time off your existence, and have fun while doing it! The list starts with the most poignant time killer first, and if that doesn’t scare you into being more productive in life, then you’ve got the rest of the list to look forward to! 


1. Fairway Solitaire Blast

Let’s face it, solitaire is only so exciting, and the same could be said about golf! This app is a fusion of both yawners thatcreates a whole new wayto kill time that’s actually fun. Plus, you don’t even need to wear gaudy plaid pants with a matching hat to play! The graphics pop, the game is engaging, and thereare many different twists on this classic card game to discover.

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2. Who Can Get 11?

Almost no one can get 11 in this super challenging brain teaser. The object is to merge matching numerical tiles and create higher and higher values until you – duh – finally make it to 11. Strategy and logic come into play, and perhaps some hair pulling and gizmo hurling too. The game may as well be called Who Can Get 10, because it probably isn’t going to happen either way!This fun brainteaser will definitely kill a lot of time.

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3. Dumb Ways to Die 2

This app was inspired by a popular website that posts really stupid ways that people have actually died. Sure, it’s morbid, and there’s something morally askew about turning misfortune into entertainment, but the app itself is just a collection of silly mini games starring these cute and colorfullil’ peanutshaped people. Their imaginary little lives are in your hands, so have some fun playing with creative comical ways they can bite the dust.

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4. The Princess Bride Game

If you’re one of the many people on earth who love the film, then you will relish this charming, fun, and addictive game. This super cool app takes the most iconic moments from the big screen and turns them into entertaining mini games. These clips from the movie play as an intro to each challenge, where you try to reenact the scene to scavenge for some virtual coins. The play is challenging, entertaining and can be enjoyed throughout all ages!

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5. Jib Jab Messages

Social media is arguably the biggest time killer of all. Sure, sometimes social change and breaking news are also part of the equation, but so is sharing pictures of your sandwich! Now that your buzz has been killed, let’s build it back up again by sending some silly and stupid animated GIFs via text message. This app plops your face into a myriad of silly bodies and characters, making you the GIF master. It’s definitely worth the laughs you’ll get from all your friends!

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6. Stickman Base Jumper

AaHhhHH, nothing says “time killer” better than a silly stickman app that takes the death defying lunacy of jumping off urban structures and turns it into an innocuous waste of time! The play actually requires some logic and strategy, along with a healthy dose of trial and error. Timing is everything to get the landing right, and if you mess up, then you get to watch a funny stickman comically plummet to his death!

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7. Tetris Blitz

This retro classic is back with a vengeance. Old school fans might not like the new feature that shows all the spots your falling pieces could land, and the instant drop and place button that almost negates the whole strategy of the original. However, this newfangled Tetris also adds some cool new graphics and lots of pretty pixels that go boom, with lots of oohs and ahhs reminiscent of an exciting fireworks display.

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8. Iron Ball Ride

This app offers a shining example of quality gravity and physics, while also depicting the mechanics of addiction. It very much dangles a carrot in front of your nose and goads you into trying it again and again and again, until you quit in frustration or conquer it victoriously. The objective: to tilt, turn, and swipe your personal gizmo in order to roll an iron marble through a series of ridiculous obstacles. There’s lots of levels to drive you crazy and keep you wasting precious time.

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9. Corridor Z

Zombies, zombies, everywhere! Zombies seem to be the latest app craze and it all begs a few questions, like: If zombies are dead, why do they splatter blood when you kill them? How do they digest brains if their intestines are decomposing? And if they eat, do they poop too? This app is a basic endless runner with a twist – you’re trapped in a school that’s been overrun with, you’ve guessed it…. ZOMBIES, and you need to run for your life. You will die many gruesome deaths, but you’ll continue to hit that replay button like a junky jonesing for a fix!  

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10. Rad Boarding

With all this mortality talk, it seemed appropriate to end on an apocalyptic time killer. This one features a super cool snowboarder riding away fromwaves of lava through a series of side scrolling apocalyptic landscapes. Sure, it’s the end of the worldbut that doesn’t mean you can’t catch some air and hit some gnarly tricks while running for your life. The graphics are over the top and the action is intense. The end of days has never been more entertaining.

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