A picture can tell 1000 words. So what happens when you combine pictures and words?

Infographics are really trendy right now. They are just a great fun way to express a lot of data in an easily-digested format. Put another way; if you designed flyers packed full of data in tables, then probably no one would read it, but if you make the flyer a picture or series of pictures, and make the data part of the design, then you’re onto something that works.

Advertising often dumbs down the message; it talks in abstracts and images and generalizations, selling a product story rather than a feature set. People like features sure, but they don’t necessarily like long bullet point lists of them. The adage “Show don’t tell” applies here also; show me why your app is great, don’t tell me about it. And while you’re showing me, make it interesting. Infographics are graphical, engaging, and designed.

There are times when advertising must convey significant quantities of information. You might try to avoid it, but sometimes if the figures are in your favour then it is a story you should tell. If you find yourself in this position then you need to carefully craft the story you wish to tell, and then find the facts figures and pictures to reinforce the message.

All advertising material should fit within the parameters of a corporate brand, but Infographics are a fun medium and people will expect some playfulness, so it is a great opportunity to explore new avenues of your brand meaning during the creation process.

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