App Videos

An app video should be a short sharp statement of your brand and product. People are willing to engage with interesting video content and this provides a valuable opportunity to showcase your wares. Depending on your budget, you might consider:

  • Recording the screen while your app is being used.
  • Using stock footage to build a concept video.
  • Hiring an artist to draw an animated video.
  • Filming an app experience.

In the topic presentations and prototypes, we discussed that you could use an app design without having an app or writing a single line of code, to create a realistic-looking app experience in a video. This is a low cost alternative, and an effective method for showcasing your app idea to investors. Once your app is developed, you can use the same technique to create material that is perfect for reuse across your marketing website, social media, and app store app optimization.

More advanced than just recording a series of screen shots, you can buy stock video content to put an amazing video. With the right images, careful graphical touches, music, voice and editing, you can tell a story beyond the app. This option is perhaps less expensive than you might think, and something you should definitely consider if you have a marketing budget for your app.

Another way to tell a story is through an animated sequence. This is a pretty popular method at the moment, particularly when video may contain infographics, or material that may be more readily drawn than filmed because of its nature or cost in royalties. You can produce amazing things if you put the right script and voice actor together with the right artist. We can help with that.

Filming an app experience is beyond our in-house capacity, and we will refer you to one of our partners if you require assistance with such a production.

We discussed creating a company logo in the topic I just need an icon. In our next topic, icons and images, we talk about the other images you may need to build an app or an app business.

To contact us about making an app video, please call our Perth office on 1300 DAPPER from within Australia, or submit an online request for a meeting or consultation via our Contact page.

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