App Optimisation

Seeing your app in the store for the first time is a special moment. Or it should be.

When you release an app, you can with minimal effort throw together an app description and a few screenshots and get your app on the store. That might be a special moment, getting an app released is always cool, but you won’t be doing justice to your product if you don’t make the effort to present it in the best light.

The fact that someone can search for your app and find it, matters. Your app name should be distinctive, and short enough to fit the full name on a mobile display. Keywords must be selected with care, so if someone is searching for what they do they may still find you without knowing who you are. Your app description should be succinct and descriptive. Your ratings reviews downloads should be monitored, and enhanced. The images shown for your app may be screen shots, pictures of screens in a phone, or you might showcase your app videos.

If your product is a mobile app, then your customer is going to end up on your app page in the store eventually, and you should not be cavalier about what you display here. This is your last chance to convince someone to download your awesome product, so don’t waste it! If you have a marketing website, then the chances are that you’ve already refined your brand message, and know the essentials of your business. Your app presence must be consistent with that brand, reinforcing who you are, and defining your offering.

Some mobile app developers will release apps for their clients under their own app store accounts, but we don’t do that, because if you’re going to build an app business then you must own your platforms of engagement. When we develop an app for you, we’ll help you setup the third party accounts you need to run your own app business.

Some of our clients prefer to write their own marketing material and provide their own graphics, and we’re pleased that they have this capacity and recognize the need for internal ownership of these important elements of their business. For others, we are pleased to offer professional copywriting and design services to help present your business and product in the best light.

We talk more about presenting your business and app well in the next topic, ratings reviews downloads.

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