Putting Thought into Words

Say more with less. Stay on brand. Focus on the core value proposition. State benefits, opportunity.

It takes skill to write well. There is a lot to concentrate on, and it is easy to get distracted. Are you aloof and professional, or warm and familiar? Large or small? A million little decisions govern the gentle pattern of words on a page.

For this series of topics, we’ve adopted an informal conversational tone. The topics attempt to convey a fairly large amount of information to a wide audience; some of our readers will be learning of things for the first time, and others will be well familiar with the concepts and looking for the details to see if we are a good match. We attempt to convey honesty, experience and savvy. Our blogs use a similar writing style. Our white papers and case studies are different, as we adopt a persona more akin to a reporter as we attempt to explore a concept in depth. The main page on our website is different again, as banner headlines are very much in vogue.

Many of our clients have us create a simple marketing website for their new app. We offer a package where we setup the site and include a landing page, contact form and other key elements, and ask the client to provide the body text for the page. Some clients prefer to engage our copywriting service to write this text for them. Before we can write the words, we will need to discuss this engagement in some detail and will ask a bunch of new questions to learn how we should approach the task. Similarly, we are able to write app descriptions for releases to an app store, once we work with you to determine what you’d like to say and how you’d like to say it.

When people come to us with an app idea, they expect us to understand their idea, and we do (generally). This sometimes translates into an idea that we should know how to market your app as well. We don’t. But we can work with you to find out. We discuss some more of our services in the topic advertising and marketing.

Another service we provide with the option of copywriting is the production of app videos. In some cases our clients will prefer to script and storyboard these productions themselves, and just have us do the filming and editing; and in other cases, we start pitching concepts, and then go onto doing everything from scripting to hiring voice actors, etc. App videos can even be used for impressive investor pitches before you even have an app, when combined with a design prototype as discussed in the topic presentations and prototypes.

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