See inside the homes of tech’s rich and famous

The lifestyles of the rich and famous seems synonymous with posh homes, luxury cars and the finer things in life. Yet more and more successful tech entrepreneurs are opting to rent homes rather than buy, drive old jalopies over new luxury sedans, and brown bag it to work rather than splurge on lunch. But then, the Read more

It’s cool to be uncool

Once upon a time, being a nerd wasn’t so cool. You got stuffed into lockers and spent weekends playing video games in your mother’s basement. Okay, so that last part may still be true, but nowadays, engineers/developers/scientists/etc are at the top of the food chain and ‘nerd’ is the new cool. This rebranding of nerd into goddess Read more

5 ways to become a Rock Startup™

We’ve all heard the rags to riches stories of tech’s most illustrious rock startups™, jettisoning those behind the corporate rise into celebrity status. Zuckerberg, Jobs and Branson are among the elite ranks of Cher, Madonna, Adele, Bono and few others who’ve attained success and fame to such a degree that they can be known by one singular name Read more

Top 15 quotes from rock stars you can apply to your startup

Running with the notion that tech entrepreneurs are equivalent to this generation’s rock stars, here’s 15 pieces of sound advice from some of the coolest rock stars around. Sure, these leather wearing superstars are talking music, but you’ll notice their fortune cookie snippets of wisdom also describe the tenacity required to be a successful tech entrepreneur. Just Read more

Rock Startup™ Campaign

We’ve been working on something very exciting at Dapper Apps! We know there is a tonne of undiscovered startup talent in Australia and we want to meet the people behind the ideas! Shortly, we’ll be launching our Rock Startup™ campaign in order to do just that. We’ve got awesome content to keep you entertained, information to inspire Read more

We’re hiring!

We’re on the hunt for an amazing Digital Account Manager to join our team! We are looking for someone who people warm to instantly and who is skilled at building relationships. You should be technical and creative at the same time, a problem-solving ninja and an organisation-freak (there’s a lot of project management involved). Oh, and apps. Read more

Happy Starlight Day from Dapper!

We were so happy to help raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation this morning. The Dapper Apps team volunteered to shake tins and sell merchandise for the very special Starlight Day. It was lovely to witness the generosity of the people in Perth, even those who were in a rush on their way to work or some Read more