Spooky selfies and other apps for Halloween

We’re in for a spooky Saturday this weekend, so we thought it would be fun to check out a few apps that you may find useful for Halloween. From spooky selfies, to tracking your little trick-or-treaters, we’ve provided a few notes on some of the most fun or frightening options! Vampify For anyone who wished they Read more

8 Weird Dating Apps You Never Knew Existed

Tinder is a phenomenon, but the art of finding a mate is an innate part of human lives and spans back through the ages. This selection of apps proves there’s something for everyone in the mobile universe. Just keep the hand sanitiser at the ready in case you want to disinfect your digits after perusing some of Read more

Work smarter – give your productivity a boost

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they manage to achieve so much? It might be a colleague who’s just achieved another promotion for the 3rd year running or a friend who is always on the go, or even the stay-at-home-parent who is raising 5 kids while starting up their own business part-time. In Read more

10 Cool iPhone Features

10 cool iPhone features We all love our prized iPhones, no matter what generation they are. But no matter how many hours a day I clutch that thing, it seems like I’m always discovering something new about it. So here’s a top 10 list, so to speak, of some really cool iPhone features that perhaps you Read more

What makes an app addictive?

What makes an app addictive? So I’ve often wondered to myself, why is it that some games have me pounding that replay button like an addict jonesing for a fix, while other apps are just sort of, well …meh. ?? I think some apps just tap into those compulsive qualities we all possess, while others are Read more

3 reasons your business needs a mobile app

3 reasons your business needs a mobile app Nowadays, it’s impossible to catch the train to work without seeing the majority of passengers clicking away on their mobile devices. Even children and toddlers have thrown away their Lego blocks and colouring books for shiny new tablet computers that are being used for work and play. As Read more